Hi. Welcome to the website for Boston based freelance writer, Lisa Mikulski.

Having recently repatriated from four and a half years in Sweden, I’m back home in Boston, MA. As a writer, I’ve renewed my focus on art, culture, and lifestyle. I have also expanded my focus to include the power of experience and how those experiences influence who we are and our place in the world. Boston is one of the greatest cities imaginable for art and education. It’s wonderful to be here.

My words have appeared in numerous publications in the US and Europe. Some of those include Artscope Magazine, Venü Magazine, Take Magazine, Göteborg Daily, The Swedish Institute, The Local Sweden, Simple Things – UK, Nordstjernan, Sleeklens, and AIGA. I also assist my clients in marketing, content development, and public relations.

This website is where I will share with you my ideas on writing, art, experience, and lifestyle. I might even delve into the arena of social political topics as I endeavor to lend my voice to our present world situation. These things are important and writers are needed now more then ever.

While I love telling stories with words, I also enjoy telling stories with images. I invite you to visit my photo portfolio for both client and personal work.

If you seek an experienced writer for one of your projects or publications, please feel free to contact me.  I look forward to the conversation.

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