Bringing in the Light

Today I write from a comfy chair situated in the corner of my office. A fat stream of sunlight beams through the window and provides me with an immensely satisfying feeling of warmth and contentment. I’ve long suspected that the lack of sun during the winter months affects me in ways which I do not welcome. I  know however that it is a fleeting thing, these winter doldrums . . . temporary in nature and ending with the flowers and rebirth of Spring.  But despite the transitory nature of the days of dark, who wants to slog through the winter in a slump? This year I’m taking early measures to combat SAD.

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Giving Me Pause To Think

On Nov 18, Richard Hollant wrote a post at Felt & Wire on the topic of gratitude. I learned about Richard’s post via Facebook where he asked family, friends and associates to comment about “thank yous” that we have received that have meant something special to us. I thought and I thought. I thought some more. I could not for the life of me remember receiving a special “thank you”. It made me rather sad. Furthermore, I couldn’t think of a recent time when I had sent a special thank you. Why is that?

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Spending Time in Bridgeport

Friday night was the culmination of all that is good and right in the Connecticut art and design scene. The opening of The Center for Public Art and Design, directed by Margaret Bodell, was a smashing success with a great venue, good people, excellent music and stellar installations. What made it even better was the knowledge that this beautiful space is also the first of AIGA Connecticut’s satellite locations.

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