Wicked Witch of Westbrook – A photo essay process

I spent many hours in my basement over this last weekend (a place which kind of creeps me out) pursuing a new photo essay which I titled the Wicked Witch of Westbrook. It’s been a valuable learning experience which has been not only tons of fun but it  also found me dealing with many different lighting situations. In fact, there were several aspects of the project which challenged me.

Because I’m just starting out with photography, I have no real lighting equipment and so was forced to make do with what I could find available. Dealing with compositions which require making photos from a dark basement into the light of the noon day sun and vise versa was a challenge. Working with animals, where I don’t just make a photo of them sitting around passively, but trying to get them to “pose” was considerably less difficult than I expected (maybe because my cats actually listen to me? Or maybe because they really are my familiars).

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