Nice things people say

Nice things people have said about writer and photographer, Lisa Mikulski.

“Lisa Mikulski reviewed my series of paintings ‘The Omega 3d’. She is one of those rare writers who just gets it, and she took considerable time to fully understand not just the finished works but even more importantly the process of their making. The title of her review alone shows how she got the essence of this series – ‘The Divine Between Heaven And Earth’. Have a read yourself to see what I mean.” – Paul McCloskey, artist

“Trusted partners are rare but I definitely count Lisa Mikulski among them. When it comes to professional competence and ability to get the job done, Lisa has it and gets it done. She has a writer’s ability to immerse herself into any subject and a designer’s eye for what to capture, and how, with the camera lens. Lisa is passionate and committed to the task at hand but also works well in a team and always brings something new to the table.” – Ulf Barslund Martensson, Editor & Publisher Nordstjernan and Nordic Reach

“Simply brilliant. I’m extremely pleased with the text Lisa provided for our December 2013 Globetrotter issue.” – Maria Sköld, Spoon It’s a Content Agency

“Lisa Mikulski is a wonderful writer and her photography has shown real growth over the past few months. She’s like one of those musicians who can pick up any instrument and play a great tune! Her use of color, composition and patters here are superb! Best of all… she’s an artist NOT an artiste!” – Jim Nooney, photographer

“Your thoughtful post on AIGA was gracious, personal and articulate. We could not have asked for a better explanation or testimony for the value of AIGA membership. On behalf of your 20,000 colleagues, thank you.” – Richard Grefé, Executive Director AIGA

“You’re one heck of a good writer.” – Ann Nyberg, WTNH-TV News Anchor/Reporter

“Lisa interviewed us several times for profile articles. She is a highly perceptive and gifted writer who manages to capture the essence of the design process with very cogent insights based on intelligent and targeted inquiries. This is not superficial fact-finding but rather the expression of the intrinsic core value of the subject. Brilliant!” – Peter Good, Cummings & Good

“It has been my pleasure over the last year to work with Lisa on the AIGA Connecticut board. Lisa has a wonderful intuitive sense about her that allows her to quickly grasp the essence of problem. She’s a proactive, intelligent professional and a damn good writer. Lisa is one of those people you just like working with.” – Mike Scricco, AIGA CT Ambassador and Fellow

“In all the excitement I forgot to let you know how great the article is. Thank you! I have been getting emails and phone calls about my work and it has given me more exposure than I would have expected. Hopefully I will even make a sale or two – I will let you know how it all plays out. Who would have guessed that your article would be a bigger win for me than months of exposure at the Museum?!?” – Daryl Zang, Artist

“Lisa, You have earned my respect long ago with that awesome balance of etiquette, assertiveness and feminine power.” – Mark Kilburn, Sculptor

“Hi Lisa! I just finished reading the piece and I got goose bumps. I LOVE this. You are a writer’s writer. The Isenburg article is a GEM!” – Jody Dole, Commercial Photographer

“I believe the success of your INK article is your ability to listen, intellectually collaborate and to make difficult ideas understandable to the public.” – Gilbert Boro, Sculptor

“Ok, Don’t stand in a doorway when you read this as you may become hopelessly lodged… Hang on to your head, an ego boost attached… I love it Lisa. Spot on nicely done, access-able, significant and of a standard. I’m stoked, can’t thank you enough, very happy and impressed.” – Jeff Lilly, INK Publishing

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