I like fresh starts. This website and blog originally came into existence back somewhere around 2005 … maybe it was even earlier than that. It was here where I first began my writing career. At that time, I was fortunate to contribute to some wonderful publications which highlighted artists, designers, and the art industry, and I was honored to sit on the Board of Directors for AIGA Connecticut – The professional association for design.

For the last four years, I spent the bulk of my writing time over at 2Sweden4Love where I documented the observations I made while living in a Nordic culture. From that blog, I gained opportunities to write for some great folks and organizations in Sweden. You can find my words and images at such places as Nordstjernan, Spoon, Sweden.se, Polar Fish Publishing, The Local – Sweden, and Göteborg Daily.

L. Mikulski

L. Mikulski

Now back in the United States, I want to turn my pen to subjects which are relevant to today’s social and political climate. To do so, I needed a venue where I could write about all my varied interests … things such as current events, the power of experience, self care, the writer’s life, and of course, art and culture.

So, here we are.

I completely scrapped the old site which lived at this same URL, along with all its posts and photos, and started fresh. I’m excited about this. Fresh starts are good and they reflect the new ideologies of the writer and the writer’s audience. But really, fresh starts are just continuations of a life well lived and the growth we experience from our past.

I hope you’ll join me here and lend your own voice to the materials and thoughts you find within. Take a look at the photo gallery. Leave a comment after a post. And even share some ideas on topics you’d like to see here.

I am always on the lookout for great writing and creative gigs with great people. Please contact me.

Here you can see select samples of my written work and some of the nice things people have said about my work.

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